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Phone System Upgrade

On Thursday, Feb. 22nd we will be upgrading our bank-wide phone system. This will cause outages in both incoming and outgoing phone calls. Stay connected with us via our app, online banking, email or stop by any location!

Tips To Avoid Scams

By: Candace Huebner, VP Compliance. 
December is cybersecurity month. Fraudsters don't take a holiday vacation when it comes to scams. In fact, they increase their presence in hopes of scamming unaware individuals who are holiday or online shopping. 
Protect yourself from scammers with these helpful tips:
1.Be proactive and block unwanted calls and text messages.

2. Never disclose personal or financial information in response to unexpected requests. Legitimate organizations do not contact you via calls, emails, or texts to solicit details such as your Social Security, bank account, or credit card numbers.

3. Resist pressure to take immediate action. Legitimate businesses allow time for decision-making. Beware of scammers who coerce you into paying or sharing personal information, using tactics like threats of arrest, lawsuits, license revocation, or deportation. Additionally, be skeptical of claims that your computer is on the verge of corruption.

4. Understand payment methods scammers may propose. Never comply with requests to pay using gift cards or money transfer services. And never agree to depositing a check and sending money back to someone.

5. Exercise caution with calls involving problems or prizes. Scammers may falsely assert issues such as owing money to the government, a family emergency, or a computer virus. Alternatively, they may claim you've won a lottery or sweepstakes but insist on a fee for retrieval.

6. If being pressured by someone on the phone or by text or email – stop – tell them you need time to think – and then seek advice from a trusted individual before doing anything.  Before taking any further action, confide in someone you trust—whether a friend, family member, or neighbor—and tell them about the situation. Talking about it may help you recognize the scam.

Report Scams to the FTC

If you were scammed or think you saw a scam, report it to the Federal Trade Commission.


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