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Online Banking Tools

Online Banking Tools

Managing Finances with our Consumer Online Banking Tools

By: Laura Melby, AVP Personal Banker

Online banking has evolved over time, and there are a variety of ways you may make your banking easier by utilizing options within our online banking.  Let’s take a brief tour of available options.

Manage Cards – Did you know you can block your debit card temporarily within your online banking?  In the event of your card being lost or stolen, you can quickly block your debit card from within your online banking.  Simply go to the menu on the left side of your screen, select Manage Cards, and click the option to Disable Card.  If you find your card later or realize the charge you were questioning was okay, you can use the Enable Card option.  You can also limit what types of merchants your card can be used at, block international transactions, and limit your daily spending all from within your online banking.

Alerts – Ever wish the bank would send you a text message when your balance dropped too low?  Or wanted a notification when your debit card was used to help monitor for fraud?  You can have these options and many more by setting up alerts.  Simply go to the settings in your online banking and choose Alerts.  You can find settings in the upper right corner with the person icon.  Alerts can be sent via email, text message (SMS), or push notification (the push notification is an option on the mobile app). 

Pay Bills and Pay a Person – Find this option in the menu to access our complimentary bill pay service, external account transfer option, and pay a person transfer option.

  • Pay Bills – Still mailing your payments in each month?  You can use our bill pay feature instead.  Simply enter your payee information or snap a picture of your bill, enter the amount you want to pay, and confirm.  That’s it!  Your payment will be sent electronically if available, or by check if the payee is not in the electronic payee database.  Payments can be done as one-time payments, scheduled in advance, or can be set to pay automatically each month.
  • Transfer Between My Accounts – This option allows you to transfer funds between your account at another bank and your account with us. 
  • Pay a Person – Need to pay your friend back for the movie tickets?  Easy.  Use our Pay a Person option to pay an individual.  You enter in the person’s name and either cell phone number or email, and they get notification on how to retrieve the funds.

Profile Updates – Recently moved or got a new phone number?  You can easily update your profile information in your online banking.  Go to the settings option and choose Profile Update.

Transfers – The Transfers option will allow you to set up a one-time transfer or reoccurring transfers between your checking and savings accounts.

Loan Payments and Draws – You can easily make your loan payments by transferring from your checking or savings account in the Loan Payments and Draws menu option.  This can be a one-time payment or reoccurring.  One less stop to make while running errands!

Mobile Deposit – This option is available in our mobile app.  You can snap a picture of the front and back of the check and deposit it the same business day.  How easy is that?  Just remember to endorse your check and write “for mobile deposit” in the endorsement area on the back of the check.

Stop Check Payment – Need to place a stop payment on a lost check?  You can place a stop payment on a single check or a range of checks right in your online banking. 

New Account – New feature!  You can open additional deposit accounts from within the online banking.  Find the New Account option in the menu and it will lead you to the new account application.  The account can be opened without stepping foot into the bank.  Convenience at its best!

You can find all of these options and more within online banking to make your banking convenient.  Need help getting started with online banking?  Give us a call or stop in to one of our office locations today and we’d be happy to help.


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