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Finance Manager

Personal Financial Management Tool

Having a complete grasp of where you stand financially is a powerful thing. When you have more information it allows you to make smart decisions. Finance Manager allows you to see your entire financial picture in one location and with real-time updates. 

Simply plug your financial accounts like your retirement, brokerage, auto loan, credit cards, and mortgage (including those from other institutions) into the system. From there, Finance Manager, which is accessible through online banking and our mobile app, enables you to: 

  • Manage budgets
  • Set financial goals
  • Analyze your spending
  • Monitor your cash flow
  • Find transaction trends
  • Track your net worth

When you spend with a credit or debit card, Finance Manager will automatically categorize your charges allowing you to easily see where you are spending your money each month. It will also analyze your historic spending habits and set your budget accordingly. From there you can modify your budget so that it aligns with your savings goals. Set email or text alerts to let you know when you exceed or are projected to exceed your budget. These little reminders can help you stay on track and encourage consistency on the path to your savings goal.

Finance Manager is also a great tool for managing your debt. See all of your loans, credit cards, and other debt on one screen with account balances and Annual Percentage Rate (APR) listed for each. Use that information to put together a payment plan. A graph will show you when you can expect to be debt free based on your monthly payments, APR, and prioritization of your debt payments (i.e. highest interest first, lowest balance first, etc.).

Follow these steps to start using Finance Manager:

On the Web:

1. Log in to Online Banking

2. Select Finance Manager from the left column 

3. Click "Go to external site"

On your Mobile Device:

1. Open The Peoples Community Bank App

2. Select “Finance Manager” from the left hand menu

If you have questions, please call us at 1-800-795-2151.  We will be happy to help you!