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Biometrics & Mobile P2P Payments

Touch ID & Mobile P2P

Biometric Authentication: Touch ID

The latest enhancements to our mobile app provide more security than ever before. We've added biometric authentication as another layer of protection for our users. Simply scan your fingerprint on your mobile device to gain access to your accounts.

Getting Started:

  • Update: Make sure you have the latest version of our app by visiting the app store and downloading the update
  • Settings: Enable the new features by going into your settings and selecting Touch ID and turning it on.
  • Easy: Once enabled you will no longer need to enter your username and password.  You can quickly scan your fingerprint to access your accounts.

Mobile P2P Transfers

It's never been easier to transfer funds while you're on the go. With mobile P2P transfers through The Peoples Community Bank app you can easily pay your babysitter, your roommate for your share of the cable bill, or transfer funds to your son or daughter who is away at college.

To transfer funds today:

  • Open your Peoples Community Bank App and select More from the home screen
  • Select Popmoney
  • Enter the phone number or email address of the person you wish to transfer funds
  • Verify the details and confirm the payment.