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Welcome to The Peoples Community Bank

We are excited for you to visit our new website and use our new online & mobile banking platform. Click "learn more" for information related to our new digital banking platforms OR contact our call center at (608) 795-2120.

Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2021

Inside This Issue:

New & Improved Digital Banking

For the better part of a year, our team has been working behind the scenes on a project to modernize our digital banking platforms. We’ve completely rebuilt both our mobile app and online banking from the ground up, streamlining our tools and adding functionality (with many ideas coming from customer feedback). We are excited to roll out our new online and mobile banking platforms to you on July 26, 2021. We know that change, especially when it comes to technology, isn’t always easy. In this newsletter we hope to mitigate some of the challenges that often coincide with a conversion to a new system and platform by laying out the conversion schedule and the steps to make it easy for you to log in on day 1. 

Conversion Schedule

We want to make you aware of some important dates leading up to July 26th that may temporarily affect your ability to access or use tools within your online and mobile banking account. 

July 16th: E-bills will be disabled. E-bills will not transfer and will need to be reconnected by you in the new bill pay system after the launch on July 26th.

July 22nd: Bill Pay, Popmoney, & Mobile Deposits will be taken offline. Your scheduled transfers and most of your Bill Pay payments will convert over to the new system. We encourage all customers to check their current E-bills and Bill Pay recipients so they can cross-reference them on the new system.  

July 23rd: Internet Banking and Mobile Banking will be taken offline by 3:00 p.m. Scheduled Bill Pay payments and transfers will go through during this black out period. 

July 24th: The bank will be closed for the day for our system conversion. We will reopen on Monday (7/26).

July 26th: Internet and Mobile Banking will be brought back online in a new and improved environment.

July 27th: BillPay and External Transfers will be brought back online. 

Save this for July 26th

If you’re an existing online banking customer, you’ll use your current username and password when you login for the first time on the new platform. You will then be prompted to verify your identity and set up a new password. 

*If your current username contains special characters (e.g. john$doe42!) you will be prompted to change it to something without special characters (e.g. johndoe42)*

To access our mobile banking platform you will need to download our new mobile app. Starting on July 26th you can find our new app by searching “The Peoples Community Bank” in your phone’s app store. 
We are excited for you to use our new and improved digital banking platforms! If you have any questions give us a call at (800) 795-2151. We will be happy to assist you.

Bank Closed Saturday, July 24th

Due to our system conversion, the bank will be closed for the day on Saturday, July 24th. We encourage customers, especially those business customers that typically stop in on Saturdays for coin, to make plans to visit us earlier in the week. Thank you for your understanding!

Digital Banking Enhancements

Debit Card Management:

There is no longer a need for a 3rd party app to manage your PCB debit card. Easily turn your card on/off with the click of a button, right from our mobile app or on your computer through our online banking platform. 

Check Reorder:

Are you down to your last few checks? You can now reorder checks in minutes from our mobile app.  

Finance Manager:

This is our counterpart to Money Management from our old system. Finance Manager enables you to monitor your spending habits and group them by category, set budgets to help you keep your spending and saving on the right path, track your net worth, and even set and track your savings goals for things like a vacation, a new car, or just a little extra savings cushion for a rainy day. 

Your data from Money Management will not flow over to the new system. We encourage those who use Money Manager on a regular basis to make a copy of what they have (budgets, goals, etc...) so that they can easily set them up in the new system.


Coming later this year, RoboSave can help you achieve your financial goals by automating your savings. RoboSave analyzes your spending behavior and calculates how much you need in your safety net. It then determines how much you can handle saving, without affecting your spending habits, and automatically saves it for you. RoboSave will adapt to changes in your financial situation and automatically save more or less accordingly. More to come on RoboSave later this year!