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Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2020

Inside This Issue:

Judy Amble Retires After 42 years in Banking

After more than forty-two years in banking, Judy Amble has hung up her banking hat. She was hired in December of 1977 to be the very first drive-up teller at the new drive-up installation at our Arena office. In 1978, a drive-up window was added to the Mazomanie office and Judy relocated to serve double duty as both a drive-up and a lobby teller. 

In 1990, the bank constructed a Convenience Center in Mazomanie where our current office is now located. Judy managed that location which included three employees and four drive-up lanes. It soon proved to be our busiest location. While managing the Convenience Center, Judy was made an assistant vice president with the bank. For the last few years she served customers on a part-time basis, splitting her time between our office in Mazomanie and our loan processing department. 

Over more than four decades with the bank, Judy has befriended thousands of customers, many of which she watched grow up. We will certainly miss her positive and friendly demeanor and we can’t thank her enough for her care and dedication to our customers over the years. 

Join us in wishing Judy a wonderful retirement! 

Lobbies to Reopen by Appointment in Early July

At The Peoples Community Bank we’re taking every precaution to keep our customers and staff healthy. We’ve had our lobbies closed since mid-March and during that time we’ve monitored and listened to customer feedback. While we are confident that we can meet the majority of your banking needs online, via our Call Center or drive-ups, we realize that some matters require an in-person meeting. Beginning in early July, bank lobbies will be open by appointment only. If you have a transaction that you are unable to complete via drive-up, phone, or online banking you are welcome to call your location of choice to schedule an appointment.

To minimize the risk for our staff and customers we are asking that all parties wear masks during their appointment. All meetings will take place in conference rooms or open areas to allow for social distancing as best we can. 

We Designed a Financial Literacy Game for Students

When it comes to establishing good money habits we know that the earlier we begin learning these important concepts the better. With that in mind, we partnered with local company, Acme Nerd Games, to develop a financial literacy game that is designed to educate students about various personal finance concepts, including budgeting, saving and investing for the future. 

Players start by creating their avatar and selecting one of three life goals: accumulate wealth, maximize happiness, or enjoying life experiences. From there the student navigates through a virtual town where they must complete tasks like getting a job, opening a bank account or purchasing their first car. Along the way they face financial decisions and are tested on their knowledge of personal finance. 

The game's educational content is geared toward Junior & Senior high school students, but may be enjoyed by students of all ages. Click here to play!

The Peoples Community Bank Presents APT with $20,000 Grant

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago recently announced a COVID-19 Relief Program consisting of grants to support their member banks and the communities they serve. Having been one of its members for many years we applied for and were awarded, a grant of $20,000 naming American Players Theater (APT) as the beneficiary of those funds.

In mid-May APT made the difficult decision to cancel their entire season, because of the pandemic, thereby foregoing a large portion of revenues for the year while expenses of operation continue. Gary Harrop, our president and CEO commented, “The financial impact that APT has on our regional economy and the national recognition that they generate for Southwest Wisconsin made this an easy recommendation for us. We appreciate the efforts of The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago in having initiated this program and are pleased that the funds will help to assist APT in retaining their core group of actors and employees through this difficult period of time.

APT's Managing Director, Carrie Van Hallgren was quoted: “We are so grateful to The Peoples Community Bank for recommending APT for this grant, and for all the guidance they’ve provided us, both since this pandemic started, and throughout our relationship. 75% of APT’s operating budget comes from earned income, and with no audiences in 2020, the financial hit to APT is simply unprecedented. This grant will help provide financial strength to our theater through these difficult times, until we are ready to welcome back our audience. Until then, thank you to The Peoples Community Bank, The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago and our amazing audience for all of your generous support. And some more good news: you’ll be able to see some familiar APT faces on (PBS Wisconsin) June 12 through July 26 in APT’s ‘Out of the Woods’ play reading series. We hope it brings you joy.

Financial Independence Starts with Building an Emergency Fund

Building an emergency fund is an important step in reducing financial stress for many households. In general, experts recommend having at least three months of living expenses saved in your emergency fund. Be sure to include all expenses such as mortgage, utilities and other loan payments as well as groceries, gas, and childcare in your calculation. Now that you have a number to target, incorporate a number you can live with monthly and place those funds in a savings account until you reach your goal.

PCB Tip: Utilize our Money Management tool to easily track spending and manage your budget. You can find Money Management in our mobile app or when logging into online banking under the “Manage Money” tab.